Caring for the Environment for Sustainable Development


The future of the next generation is in our hands.

(This photo is a picture I took for Empowerment Technologies and I used a photo editor which I downloaded at Play Store)

        Caring for our environment is for our own benefit and the future generation. The 3R’s is the way to prevent environment issues. Reuse, reduce and recycle.

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Reusing, reducing and recycling is what we always hear. These can help in cutting down the waste we throw away. It can help in conserving our natural resources and energy.

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Reusing a product can save money, energy and help sustain the environment for the future generation.

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Reduce, thinking what can be its other use. What is produced and what is consumed is very essential.

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Recycling allows products to be used to their fullest extent. This is my favorite. It makes a certain product to be used for a different purpose.

Following the 3R’s can make a big impact. By simply doing a research or a blog about it wouldn’t change a thing. Without action it is useless and this change should start within you.



One thought on “Caring for the Environment for Sustainable Development

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  1. Hi,

    All of us can apply the 3R principles, i.e. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle in everyday life.
    Many people believe that the planet can only be saved by the governments, but they fail to realize that it is those little things that we do every day, which can make the difference.
    For example, by recycling or even upcycling things that we have used and don’t want anymore, we can achieve three things at the same time:
    -We can reduce waste and save the environment
    -We can give these things to other people who may find them useful
    -We can even make some little extra money by being creative

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